R. Cipriani (ed.),“Sociology of Atheism”, Annual Review of the Sociology of Religion, 7, 2016, together with F. Garelli

Preliminary Material
Authors: Roberto Cipriani and Franco Garelli
Pages: i–xvi
From “Atheism” to “Religious Indifference”: Suggestions for Future Research on Secularization
Author: Manuel Franzmann
Pages: 1–16
Universal and Foundational: Law’s Constitution of an Ethic of Belonging for Nones
Author: Lori G. Beaman
Pages: 17–35
Atheism, Class, and the Ghost of Karl Marx
Authors: Richard Cimino and Christopher Smith
Pages: 36–49
Unaffiliated, Yet Religious: A Methodological and Demographic Analysis
Authors: Gina A. Zurlo and Todd M. Johnson
Pages: 50–74
Gender and Atheism: Paradoxes, Contradictions, and an Agenda for Future Research
Authors: Landon Schnabel, Matthew Facciani, Ariel Sincoff-Yedid, and Lori Fazzino
Pages: 75–97
Expressive Nontheism
Author: Jesse M. Smith
Pages: 98–117
The Rise and Fall of the New Atheism: Identity Politics and Tensions within U.S. Nonbelievers
Authors: Amarnath Amarasingam and Melanie Elyse Brewster
Pages: 118–136
The True (Non)Believer? Atheists and the Atheistic in the United States
Author: Evan M. Stewart
Pages: 137–160
Forms of Atheism in Contemporary Greek Society: Beliefs, Practices and the Formation of the Atheist
Author: Alexandros Sakellariou
Pages: 161–179
From God-Fighters to Atheists: Late Soviet Kinship and Tradition as an Expanding Universe of Unbelief
Author: Sonja Luehrmann
Pages: 180–200
Czech Republic: The Promised Land for Atheists?
Authors: Roman Vido, David Václavík, and Antonín Paleček
Pages: 201–232
Ambiguous Atheism: The Impact of Political Changes on the Meaning and Reception of Atheism in Estonia
Author: Atko Remmel
Pages: 233–250
Secularity, Non-religiosity, Atheism: Boundaries between Religion and Its Other
Author: Monika Wohlrab-Sahr
Pages: 251–271
Author: Roberto Cipriani
Pages: 272–279
Authors: Roberto Cipriani and Franco Garelli
Pages: 281–287