R. Cipriani, Diffused Religion. Beyond Secularization, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2017

Table of contents
José Casanova
Pages VII-X
Part I The Basics of Diffused Religion
The Theory of Diffused Religion
Pages 3-22
Socialization and Diffused Religion
Pages 23-36
Values and Global Society
Pages 37-64
Diffused Secular Religiosity
Pages 65-83
World Diffused Religions
Pages 85-127
Part II Diffused Religion in Practice
Religion and Politics: A Peculiar Case
Pages 131-163
Religion and Values
Pages 165-194
Diffused Values
Pages 195-209
From Invisible Religion to Diffused Religion
Pages 211-233
Pages 235-253
Pages 255-263
Pages 265-276